Which is the better OS for developers in Australia?

Which is the better OS for developers in Australia?

Developers and coders are mainly tasked to come up with new software, systems, applications and design geared towards creating a new product for the industry or correcting, testing and debugging a previous product, mostly systems and applications.

Handling these kinds of jobs require serious security features, high operation speeds, and dedicated links. While not all companies have the capacity to support a dedicated link for hosting, acquiring a VPS hosting is a great bridge, as it acts as a dedicated server.

Why Linux VPS over windows

Customized Linux VPS gives coders and Linux enthusiasts the edge they need for their work. They take the form of dedicated virtual private servers. These VPS servers come with SSD storage facilities offering all the bandwidth a project might need at high speeds. Since security is also crucial to a project as it undergoes the design phase of development, strong DDOS protection to keep things on lockdown is a must-have. They also have the option of deciding which Linux OS you need setup.

After having speed and security features intact, a developer will need to have control over the applications. CPanel VPS offers the access required and allows the developers to take control of all the features they may need. These VPS are compatible and scalable but also require prior knowledge in handling as no support is offered.

For Australian companies, it is worth to mention that the servers are hosted within the country so the network is always up 99% of the time, giving high performance.

Windows remains a strong competition, but Linux has it for coders in Australia.

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